Digital Transformation
Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning + Automation


Our extensive work with SARS, MERS, and other pandemics since early 2000 is the foundation to our disaster recovery solutions. For nCoV-19, we have been helping medical centers and hospitals with robotic and machine-learning solutions to assist detection, treatment, and vaccination initiatives.

HONG KONG — Since 2019, our team has been helping properties (hospitality, transportation, and commercial) with autonomous platforms for data collection, analysis, and virtualization to transform static data into actionable information.

ASIA PACIFIC — Whether for product launches for commercial client LG or online-onsite activations for Sharp Electronics, we leverage the brand value and market reach of our partners while maximizing available earned media values to deliver additional impact.

GLOBAL RESPONSE 2020+ — BOXPODS are a cost effective, highly secure, and extremely scalable solution that can help organizations and communities needing to address the unprecedented damage caused by COVID-19.


AWARENESS — As a result of the world’s strongest storm and the tsunami’s deadly outcome, we worked with Sharp to launch an online-onsite Anniversary Share program as part of a social impact initiative to help survivors and communities.

OUTREACH — The Texas Dept of Health & Human Services needed to rapidly reach out to over 12 municipalities during multiple outbreaks and hurricanes. To assist in volunteer recruitment and development of needed corporate partnerships, our team designed, developed and launched virtualization platforms and can do the same for COVID-19.

ACTIVATIONS — When NYC needed to rebuild its devastated Lower Manhattan economy after the 9-11 bombings, our team developed programs with key property partners that would lead to innovations in transforming dormant assets into new, revenue generating profit centers.

RECOVERY — From the economic fallout of Hong Kong‘s civil unrest (mass rioting, social-political protests), BOXPODS and its technology partners have helped the city with our digital engineering, AI,and automation solutions to address safety concerns and business continuity.

DEVELOPMENT — With the success of the very 1st regional medaled events for competitive video gaming (SEA Games 2019), our team is developing the world’s premiere Esports Corporate Challenge.